Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ed Radio Program 2: Stories of Struggle, Stories of Hope

Welcome to Education Radio's second show!

We continue our Save Our Schools report featuring several more voices from the event – voices that relay both stories of struggle and stories of hope. Michelle Fine, a faculty member at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City, discusses the complicated ways that education reform is playing out within several New York City schools.  Tabrian Joe is a Detroit public high school student organizer who led student walkouts to protest the city’s school closings. Sabrina Stevens Shupe, a former Denver Public Schools teacher and the public relations coordinator for Save Our Schools shares her story of being forced out of a teaching position for taking a stand against her principal’s vision of school reform.

This installment of Education Radio can be downloaded at:
Education Radio 2: SOS Conference Stories on Internet Archive
Education Radio 2: SOS Conference Stories on Audioport

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Next Week: Diane Ravitch, former assistant secretary of education under George H.W. Bush, education reform leader and supporter of No Child Left Behind; who has since transformed into a staunch opponent of high stakes testing, charter schools and school privatization.

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